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Black Chickpeas Salad

Hey guys! How you doing. Today I am posting a healthy salad recipe which is extremely simple to make and you can have it in place of your lunch and it is very filling. Since its main ingredient is black chickpeas/ black chana this bowlful of salad is filled with protein and has a plethora…

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Ragi Idli

Hey guys! Ragi or Nachni as we call it is a part of finger millet family and we Indians have yet to explore it completely. Ragi is rich in calcium and also helps in controlling blood sugar levels. It also battles anaemia, reduces the risk of stroke, increases bone strength, helps in digestion, reduces cholesterol.…

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Amaranth Salad

Hey guys!!! the recipe I am posting today is a healthy, crunchy and tasty Amaranth Salad. What is Amaranth? Amaranth is what we commonly know as “Rajgira Seeds”. We usually have food items relating to Rajgira during our fasts. Normally the food items are made using the Rajgira/Amaranth Flour. The most common food item using…

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