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Baida Roti

Baida Roti is basically a street food which is a form of stuffed paratha. The origin of baida roti is from the Awadhi region of India. Traditionally it is prepared with minced meat stuffing and the roti is rolled in beaten egg then shallow fried. I have made the vegetarian version of this roti which…

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Podi Rice

Hey all!! I have posted my recipe on Podi Idli and in that I have posted the podi powder recipe. Using the same podi powder I have made this podi rice which is basically like a pulao and you can have it for your lunch and also give it in tiffin. This pulao is a…

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Methi Mutter Malai

Hello!! Methi Mutter Malai is a very delicious, rich in flavor and creamy curry. The word “Fenugreek” is said to have been derived from the Latin language and literally means “Greek hay”. It is commonly referred with the names “Kasoori Methi” (Hindi), “Menthi Koora” (Telugu), “Methi Saag” (Bengali), “Venthikaya Keera” (Tamil) and “Menthya Soppu” (Malayalam). …

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