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Idli Chilly

Hey guys!!! Here is another one of a famous fusion dishes that is made in many restaurants in Mumbai. Idli Chilli is basically a fusion of South Indian dish Idli made in Chinese style. It tastes very yummy and if you are tired of the same old idlis you can try this fusion version. I…

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Hot and Sour Spring Rolls

Hello guys!!! One of my all time favorite cuisine is Chinese. Now let me clarify further what we make is Mumbai Chinese. There is a lot of difference in the actual Chinese food and the Chinese food we Mumbaikars are used to eating wherein the Chinese food we eat is optimized to suit our palettes…

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Schezwan Chutney/Sauce

Hey guys…Chinese is my favorite cuisine. Schezwan Chutney/Sauce is something that is used in my house for many cuisines. I use it on dosa/pancakes, pizza, sandwich and of course Chinese. I make this chutney/sauce and store it for further use. Using the recipe below you can store this chutney/sauce for upto 2 months and use…

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