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Dudhi Bhajiya/fritters

Hi all! I am back again with another fritters/bhajiya recipe. Once the monsoons make an entry it becomes extremely important and essential (hahaha) to make bhajiyas and not just the regular one (being onion, potato or methi) but anything different is also welcome in my house. Dudhi or bottle gourd is normally eaten as a…

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Mixed Dal Fritters

One more monsoon recipe is here. The monsoons are infamous for the bhajiyas/fritters. There is no household which does not demand bhajiya/fritters during monsoon. Specially while it rains it is a tradition in my house to have piping hot bhajiya/fritters with hot chai/tea or coffee. So here is one more variety of bhajiya/fritter. Mixed dal…

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Vermicelli Fritters/Bhajiya

Hey all!! The monsoon is back with a bang and with it comes the age old demand to make bhajiya/fritters. Piping hot bhajiya/fritters with hot chai/tea or coffee is the perfect combination for these rains. With every demand I have to increase my supply of making different kinds of bhajiyas/fritters, the same ones are not…

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