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Nachos are basically tortilla chips which can be served with toppings or just plain with salsa. Nachos are made with maize flour/makai ka atta and fried till crisp. You can store these chips upto 15 days in an airtight container and use as you need. You can have it as your main course or just…

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Sabudana Pattice

Hi all!! Sabudana is normally used in fasting recipes, however this recipe is not a fasting recipe but that of a starter. Sabudana is such a versatile ingredient when added in any starter i.e. pattice or vada they blend very well and enhance the flavor. I love using sabudana in many recipes I use them…

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Potato Corn Cheese Balls

Hey everyone!! The recipe am posting today is a classic potato starter. The starters are the main stars of any party or function. The trend of serving starters has taken so much momentum that more than the main course we now concentrate on serving the starters and potatoes are the heroes of starters. They blend…

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