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Vrat/Upwaas Dosa

Hey guys! The recipe I am posting today is vrat/upwas/fasting recipe. You can have this for your lunch in your fasting days. The dosa turns out crispy with the stuffing is tangy and spicy. Enjoy it with chaas/buttermilk. So lets get cooking… Ingredients: For dosa: Sabudana/Sago – 1 cup Samo/Sama/Upwaas Rice – 1 cup Rajgira…

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Upwas Bhajiya/Fasting Fritters

Hey all!! Since Navratri is going on many people fast for 9 days. There are many  recipes available for fasting the recipe I have tried today is using Amaranth seeds. For more details on Amaranth seeds check out my amaranth salad recipe link below: https://alawyerskitchen.wordpress.com/2019/09/21/amaranth-salad/ Since amaranth seeds are a  bit sticky to use hence…

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