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Jam roll bread

Hey guys! The recipe I am posting today is of part wheat part refined flour. You can make it using full refined flour also. The jam is readymade. This bread is very easy to make and tastes really yummy with jam or peanut butter. Toast it lightly before serving. Lets get cooking…. Ingredients: Wheat flour…

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Tutti Frutti Bread

Hey all!! I have been waiting to try the recipe of yeast free bread and finally tried one after many trials and errors. The first time I made it my bread refused to puff up and thus giving me a lesson on where I was wrong. This recipe worked very well and my bread puffed…

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Banana Bread

Hey guys!! How is everyone?? Today I have made some tasty and yummy Banana Bread. Everyone at my house likes banana. It is the only fruit which is bought almost everyday for all. Bananas are rich in vitamins and can be eaten in such a variety of dishes. A variety of dishes can be made…

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