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Book Review-Rasagola Dibasa

Hello everyone! Thanks to Blogchatter every year many bloggers get a chance to publish their ebooks and I got to read this amazing ebook published by Anita Sabat and I choose to review her ebook named as “RASAGOLA DIBASA”. She is a writer and social worker and has published varied posts on her website www.anitaexplorer.com.…

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Breads and Breakfast

Hey guys! Hope you all doing good! This year I have entered into the Author’s club with publishing my ebook “BREADS AND BREAKFAST”. I am very much excited about my book and thankful to Blogchatter for this opportunity. About my book: Cooking a variety dish does not mean it has to be complicated and lengthy.…

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Book Review-Bloggers Unplugged

Hello everyone! Thanks to Blogchatter I got to publish my ebook in #BlogchatterEbook carnival 2021. Just like many different bloggers have published their ebook and I have got a chance to review the ebook published by Ruchi Verma named as “BLOGGERS UNPLUGGED”. She is an multi award winning blogger and has published varied posts on…

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