Breads and Breakfast

Hey guys! Hope you all doing good! This year I have entered into the Author’s club with publishing my ebook “BREADS AND BREAKFAST”. I am very much excited about my book and thankful to Blogchatter for this opportunity.

About my book:

Cooking a variety dish does not mean it has to be complicated and lengthy. The cookbook contains two sections, the first section is based on simple and easy to make recipes using breads (both brown and white) and the second section has very easy to make breakfast recipes. Each and every recipe has very simple and easy to follow steps and the outcome dish, be it using breads or from the breakfast section, all have very unique flavors.

My journey to writing this book:

My food journey started a few years back when I baked my first cake. I started my website in 2018 and through blogchatter when I got this amazing opportunity to publish my ebook I was ecstatic. My biggest supporter throughout my journey was my ma, I lost her this year to cancer and publishing this book is a tribute to her. The process was very new for me writing a manuscript, making a tralier, designing my own cover page but with the help of blogchatter’s tips and many discussions that they carry out to help you, it became easier for me to do so. This book is my first ebook and I look forward to publishing many more. I will always be thankful for my husband and my ma for being my biggest support.

Download link:

You can download my ebook using the link below. You just need to continue using your facebook or google account at login page and then click on the blue download button to get your free copy.

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About Me

I am a lawyer by profession but cooking has been my passion and hence my journey began as a home cook. I have been working with vegetarian recipes and post my recipes using simple ingredients and easy methods to follow.


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