Book Review-Bloggers Unplugged

Hello everyone! Thanks to Blogchatter I got to publish my ebook in #BlogchatterEbook carnival 2021. Just like many different bloggers have published their ebook and I have got a chance to review the ebook published by Ruchi Verma named as “BLOGGERS UNPLUGGED”. She is an multi award winning blogger and has published varied posts on her website

Blurb of the book as written by Ruchi:

Blogging is one of the known professions, but the hard work, dedication, and planning go behind a successful blog that is always underestimated. There are myths about bloggers that they work only for free, to get free stuff, or just to kill the time. But, there are many challenges every blogger face in their day-to-day life and excel in that to stay in this blogging world. This e-book is a sneak peek into bloggers’ life called Bloggers Unplugged to know more about their life. It will be helpful for new bloggers who are starting their blog with different blogging terminology but in a little fun way.


The first thing that attracted me about this book was the cover page it is colorful using large and small fonts where the large fonts, red in color, which pull your eyes to it, give a short glimpse in the topics that are covered in the book.

The preface of the book has accurately described what Bloggers Unplugged is all about and what exactly a blogger is aiming at with his/her blog.

The next thing that immediately captures your attention is the comic drawings and episodes depicted with every topic. Ruchi manages to attract your attention to the topic through her artwork and it makes it further easier that her chapters are described in alphabetical order.

Bloggers unplugged has covered the entire A to Z of blogging and Ruchi has covered each and every topic be it SEO, handling Instagram Handle or managing your views and many more topics in her book, which help you in understanding the world of blogging better. Each and every topic is explained very aptly and is very easy to understand. The cherry on the cake is Ruchi has added a Secret tip at the end of each chapter and a conclusion to each chapter in just two lines.

I would recommend every blogger should read “BLOGGERS UNPLUGGED” and follow it as manual for their blog and a non blogger should read it to understand better what effort goes into managing a blog.

You can download her ebook at:

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