Book Review

Book Review

Hello everyone! This year with Ebook Carnival a plethora of new books and each of different genre has released on Blogchatter. Do check out the books and all of them have free download.

I have got a chance to review the ebook published by Brinda Vijay named as “THE INDIAN RETIREE’S GUIDE TO ROAD TRIPS IN USA”.

About the Author:

Brinda is a blog writer, book reviewer, social media addict, editor and content writing and the Top Blogger at Blogchatter. She has reviewed many K-Drama’s and loves to travel and write. You can check out her website at or follow her on Twitter under the handle @ritecontent. You can also follow her on Blogchatter at

About the Book:

Blurb of the book as written by Brinda:

THE INDIAN RETIREE’S GUIDE TO ROAD TRIPS IN THE USA is meant for anyone who wants to find a quiet place to travel to in the USA. If you are fed up with crowds in tourist spots or looking for an interesting road trip, then this book is for you. Lists of Indian restaurants have also been included to make it easier. The places have been listed so that you can go from the East Coast to the West Coast of the U.S.


The cover page of the book is a picture of the road with the blue sky above which perfectly depicts the content and title of the book. The preface of the book shows the intention of the author for writing the book and she has given a short disclaimer on Covid conditions which I felt was very mindful.

Every page of the book has a hyperlink to the table of content which is very convenient. If you are on any particular chapter and want to go to another you can click on the hyperlink and even the chapters in the Table of Content are hyperlinked directly to the chapters which will be very convenient for any one who is using this book as a guide to their travel as you can directly read the chapter you are interested in without scrolling through the entire book.

The chapters are each divided into a short description, places of interest, things to do, things to buy and my favorite section of each chapter was a list of Indian Restaurants at the end. Some chapters include tips on what shoes to wear, details on the trails for hiking and how different seasons affect the look and ambience of a place.

What I loved the most is the entire book is in a form of personal story/description/narrative, it makes you feel like you are travelling along with the author on these trips and the photos are fabulous.

In the last Brinda has added chapters on Why Travel after Retirement and Traveling with Indian Parents which encourages the reader to travel even after retirement.

All in all I loved the book. Brinda has through the book given all the retiree’s a reason to travel more and a perfect guide for road trips in USA. I love her enthusiasm and energy which clearly reflects in the book. So if you are a retiree or are thinking of taking an extensive road trip across USA read this book and use it as a manual. Even if you are not planning a trip USA read this book to travel through the pages and get revitalized.

You can download her ebook at:

‘This blog post is part of the blog challenge ‘Blogaberry Dazzle’ hosted by Cindy D’Silva and Noor Anand Chawla.’ 

One response to “Book Review”

  1. I have downloaded the book but haven’t read it yet. Brinda’s narrative is interesting. This book is a keeper for later reference when I travel to the US some day. It will really be handy.


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