Beetroot paratha and Bhindi Masala

Hey guys! The recipe I am posting today is a simple afternoon meal recipe. You can make this as tiffin recipe also. Lets get cooking….


For beetroot paratha:

Boiled beetroot – 2 medium

Wheat flour – 1 cup

Makai atta/maize flour – 1/2 cup

Bajra atta/ Bajra flour – 1/4 cup

Garlic (grated) – 1/2 cloves

Salt as per taste

Oil – 2 tbsp

Ghee for greasing

Lukewarm water for kneading

For Bhindi Masala:

Bhindi – 500 grams

Onion (finely chopped) – 2 medium

Boiled potato (diced in small pieces) – 2 medium

Garlic paste – 1 tbsp

Turmeric powder/Haldi powder – 1 tsp

Kashmiri red chilly powder – 1 1/2 tbsp

Cumin-Coriander powder – 2 tbsp

Salt as per taste

Oil – 1 1/2 tbsp

Lemon juice – 1 tsp

Asafoetida/Hing powder – 1/4 tsp


For beetroot paratha:

1) Make a puree of the beetroot. In a bowl sieve both the flours. To this add the garlic, salt, beetroot puree and oil and crumble and mix all together. Now add the lukewarm water and knead into a soft dough. Knead this dough for 10 minutes at-least for the gluten to bind the dough well.

2) Cover the dough with cloth and keep aside for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes make 5 balls out of this dough. Roll one bowl using little flour.

3) Heat the tawa on medium flame add the rolled paratha and let it cook one side till bubbles appear on top. Then turn the other side and cook it. Now grease both sides with ghee and cook it on medium flame. Serve hot.

You can make this paratha for breakfast also and serve it with curd or pickle.

For Bhindi Masala:

1) In a wok take oil. Let it become warm. Now add the hing powder and garlic and saute for a few seconds. Now add the onions and saute till lightly pink. Now add the chopped bhindi and turmeric powder and mix it well. Cook the bhindi on medium while stirring in between till the bhindi is almost soft and all the stickiness is gone.

2) At this stage add the potatoes, red chilly powder, coriander cumin powder and salt and mix it well. Now cover and let it all cook together on medium flame for 10 minutes. Stir it after 5 minutes. After ten minutes switch off the gas, add the lemon juice and mix it well. Serve hot.

‘This blog post is part of the blog challenge ‘Blogaberry Dazzle’ hosted by Cindy D’Silva and Noor Anand Chawla.’

21 responses to “Beetroot paratha and Bhindi Masala”

  1. I usually turn the dough into puris but paranthas make sense. Less oil😀


  2. The colour of the paranthas looks lovely and bhindi is one of my favorite vegetables. I will surely try this out. Thank you for sharing the recipe.


  3. Wonderful combo, Shail. Never tried beetroot paratha and bhendi is my all time favourite.With try the paratha for sure.


  4. Flavia Cutinho Avatar
    Flavia Cutinho

    Interestingly looks delicious and especially the combo beetroot paratha with bendi, Im not a bendi fan but with the look its worth a try. Nice recipe.


  5. This looks delicious and love the rustic way you presented it. We generally don’t add potatoes to bhindi but will give it a try next time. Thanks for sharing the recipes.


    1. Bhindi n potato tastes really good. I make beetroot n spinach pooris. Parantha with different combination of flours is a twist for me.


  6. Thank you for sharing paratha recipee. I like parathas. But it have makka and bajara flour. Can we roll it on rolling pin?


    1. Yes you can roll it easily. ☺️☺️


  7. Wow this combo sounds amazing. I’m gonna make this sooner


  8. I love beetroot and this seems like a healthy alternative to regular rotis- will def try it out


  9. Haha ..this is the best way to make someone eat beetroot.


  10. Beetroot paratha sounds so yummy would try this one soon and let you know how it tasted.


  11. I do love the color of the paratha! Will save this recipe for future use. Last time I tried with beetroot I did not get this color. It was darker. Hope this time it works out!


  12. Monidipa Dutta Avatar
    Monidipa Dutta

    I love Bhindi masala but never heard of Beetroot parathas, but the color is wow. I am up all night today so I guess I will be making Beetroot paratha for breakfast. Thanks for the idea.


  13. Kaveri Chhetri Avatar
    Kaveri Chhetri

    Although I am not too fond of beetroot, the red paratha looks very appetizing Shail n I also like the idea of using 3 flours. Bhindi is a staple fav of our family… will try your variant and I may also try the paratha on 2nd thots…


  14. Never tried Beetroot Paratha but Bhindi happens to be my favourite


  15. I love bhindi, it is one of the favorite vegetables out of many. Beetroot paratha is something that I have been meaning to try for a long time, I would surely give it a try soon 🙂


  16. I have made Beetroot parathas in Wheat flour but haven’t tried adding Maize and Bajra flour. I try your recipe and see how it turns out. I love parathas and love to try different style parathas too…. 🙂


  17. Yesterday I was thinking what to do with beetroots then saw your post. Will try this today.


  18. Really awesome recipe. I have tried this yesterday and it was awesome.


  19. Wow I’ve never tried a beetroot paratha! Sounds so interesting!


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