Rasmalai Cake

Rasmalai Cake

Hey friends!! August and September are the months of maximum birthdays in my family hence my blog is filled with cake posts these months. As I love baking cakes for my family and experimenting. I finally tried my hand on this Indian fusion cake having the flavor of classic Indian sweet Rasmalai added to the cake. There is no specific flavor essence used in this cake the main flavor being the rabdi of the rasmalai. I have however for an added tasteΒ  used Kewra Essence and Rose Essence you can avoid rose essence and purely concentrate on the flavor of the rabdi also. The taste is absolutely delicious. I have used homemade Rasmalai for this cake the link to my recipe is below. You can use ready store bought Rasmalai also.


Note: The only thing to keep in mind is the Rabdi in this Rasmalai needs to be reduced a lot and made thicker so that when you spread it in between the layers it does not spill.

For Sponge:

All purpose flour/Maida – 200 gms

Cornflour/Cornstarch- 2 tbsp

Sugar- 100 gms

Baking Powder- 2 tsp

Baking Soda/Soda Bi Carb- 1 tsp

Milk – 1 1/2 cup

Oil – 1/4 cup

Vanilla Essence- 1 tsp

Salt – a pinch

For Icing-

Whipping Cream – 200 gms

Rose Essence- 2 tsp

Kewra Essence – 2 tsp

For Filling:

Rasmalai Balls – 10 pieces

Rasmalai Rabdi



For Sponge:

1) Sieve the all purpose flour/Maida, baking powder, baking soda/soda bi carb, cornstarch/cornflour and salt together. Mix well.

2) In a mixing bowl mix the milk and sugar till the sugar dissolves.

3) Now add the dry ingredients in the milk in batches and keep mixing till there are no lumps. Now add the vanilla essence and oil and mix well.

4) The batter should be of pouring consistency and not to thick.

5) Pre-heat oven for 5 minutes at 160 degrees.

6) Dust round cake tin using flour and pour the batter in the tin. now bake in the preheated oven for 30 minutes at 160 degrees. Take care that the batter should not be more than half of the height of the tin. The batter should be half of the tin or less then half only then it will have space to rise properly.

8) Once done check by inserting pin/toothpick in the center if it comes out clean then the sponge is ready.

For Icing:

1) In a deep vessel add the whipping cream. Remember the whipping cream should be chilled. You can use any brand whipping cream.

2) Start whipping the cream using electric beater. Initially start with speed 1 then go to maximum speed. Beat the cream till it form hard peaks. The entire time the cream is whipped it should be chilled. If it is summer season place the vessel in which you are whipping the cream in a wider vessel containing ice cubes and maintain the chilled temperature of the cream.

3) Once whipped the cream will double in volume.

4) Divide the whipped cream in two parts in one part add the Rose essence and other part add kewra essence and mix it. Add 3-4 tbsp rabdi of the rasmalai in both the parts of whipped cream and mix the whipped cream gently by using a spatula.

For Filling:

1) Cut the cake horizontally in three halves.

2) Soak the sponge with water. Apply kewra essence whipped cream one layer and add 4-5 pieces of rasmalai balls (chopped into two halves) and then pour around 2-3 tbsp of rabdi over this now sandwich by one more layer of cream and place other half of cake on top. Do the same procedure for the next layer. Cover the entire sponge from the outer side completely with the rose cream.

3) Decorate as desired and keep to chill for few hours.

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58 responses to “Rasmalai Cake”

  1. Though I don’t like cooking, I love eating good food. Thanks for the recipes. I was asked to review your blog for #Myfriendalexa though I didn’t find any such links here 😦


  2. Wow Shail. This is the first time I’m on your blog and I really liked some of your recipes. This one in particular. It is so innovative and tempting. I’m going to keep visiting.


  3. What innovation!! A rasmalai cake… I would have thought it as a joke if somebody had just told me about it but here you are with a full-fledged recipe. Even if I cant bake it, I will definitely go looking for it just to know the taste. Thanks for sharing


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