Butterscotch Lassi

Hey friends!!! So here is another yummy Lassi recipe I have tried a slush Lassi and it has turned out just yum. Lassi is Punjabi drink made of curd and compliments your lunch very well. You can have it after dinner also. Curd is very good for cooling down your body and topped with ice it tastes heavenly. The butterscotch sauce used in my recipe is homemade you can use this sauce for ice cream and cakes also.


Chilled Curd- 250 gms

Powdered Sugar- 4 tbsp

 Cream/ Malai – 2 tbsp

Butterscotch Sauce- 1 tbsp

Butterscotch essence- 1 tsp

Crushed Ice- 100 gms/1 cup

For Butterscotch Sauce:

Sugar – 1 cup

Butter at room temperature- 1/2 cup

Dairy cream/Amul Cream at room temperature- 1 cup

Milk at room temperature- 2 tbsp


For Butterscotch Sauce:

In a heavy bottom non stick pan take the sugar and let it melt on slow flame. Once it starts melting take it off the gas and add the butter, cream and milk and mix properly. The flame should be constantly on low so that the sugar does not burn. Take of the flame and mix for sometime till it cools down to room temperature. you can store this sauce for upto a month in an air tight bottle in fridge.

For Lassi:

1. Blend the curd, sugar, butterscotch sauce, butterscotch essence and 1 tbsp cream/malai using  blender.

2. Add the crushed ice to the lassi and pour in a glass.

3. Serve immediately.

4 responses to “Butterscotch Lassi”

  1. Yummy.😋😋😋😋


  2. I’ve had mango lassi before and I loved it so I’m excited to try this drink! Following your blog for more great recipes 🙂 I made some delicious apple pockets which are a great treat for Thanksgiving, so I recommend checking these out!


    1. Thanks a lot..😄😄

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