Hii!! This is my first attempt at blogging and therefore request all to forgive my mistakes. I am a lawyer by profession but it is my passion to cook and experiment with different tastes and cuisines. I started with simple day to day recipes and realised how much I loved to cook. I juggle my passion with my office working hours. Today I am posting a recipe which the simplest yet the most loved sweet dish in any Gujrati family called “Sheera”. It is made of Rava (Sooji) and just melts in your mouth. This dish can be eaten as side sweet dish with lunch or as breakfast. This dish has many different recipes but this one is my Mother’s Recipe and trust me it is yummy.


Rava- 1 Cup

Ghee- 1/4 Cup

Sugar- 3/4 Cup

Milk- 2 Cups

Cardamom Powder- 1 Tbsp

Dry Fruits roughly chopped- 1/4 Cup


  1. In a heavy bottom wok heat ghee. Once the ghee is heated add the Rava and stir fry it on medium flame till the colour of the Rava becomes light golden. Be careful not to burn the rava you have to constantly stir it. If trying for first time keep the flame on low.
  2. While the rava is getting ready heat the milk. It should be lukewarm and not boiling.
  3. Once the rava is light golden turn off the gas and add the lukewarm milk and cardamom powder to it and switch on the gas. Stir the milk and the rava and mix them well. Keep the gas on low flame at this stage. The rava will soak all the milk and it will become thick.
  4. Now add the sugar and mix well. Remember the flame should be low. Once the sugar dissolves the rava will take a dough like consistency. Initially when you add the sugar the rava will become loose hence it is necessary to keep the flame low so that the sugar does not form a syrup consistency.
  5. Now add the dry fruits and switch off the gas. The Rava will stop sticking to the sides of your wok. Sheera is ready to serve. You can serve it warm or chilled in bowl. Garnish with some strands of Kesar and more dry fruits.

8 responses to “Sheera”

  1. Looks delicious. I m sure it tastes delicious and yummy too. Keep up the good work Shail👍


  2. Awesome looking sheera… Wish u all the very best… Keep up the good work…

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  3. Sagar Thakkar Avatar
    Sagar Thakkar

    Looking Delicious.. Great work


  4. From court room to kitchen……Good job. Shweta looks yummy but let’s taste it when we meet next.


    1. Sure Uncle…😊😊


  5. Awesome shail!!!! ur an amazing cook!!


  6. Perfect and delicious recipe. Keep it up. 👍 👍 👍


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I am a lawyer by profession but cooking has been my passion and hence my journey began as a home cook. I have been working with vegetarian recipes and post my recipes using simple ingredients and easy methods to follow.


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