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Eggless Mayonnaise

Hello!! Taking a break from the baking session I decided to try my hand on mayonnaise. I am from a vegetarian family hence egg mayonnaise is not an option for us. Whenever I go for shopping I check out and buy eggless mayonnaise. My husband loves mayonnaise specially when I make frankie his favorite is…

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Focaccia Bread

Hey!!! So I am on a baking spree first cakes now breads. I have tweaked the recipe for a classic Focaccia Bread to appeal the taste of my family. Being from an all foodie family experimenting has been my hobby even classic recipes go through my experimentation. Sometimes I am successful sometimes it fails but…

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Mawa Cake

Hi!!! My cake journey started with this simple mawa cake. Back then I dint own an oven so I used to make it on the stove. Mawa is basically reduced milk. When milk is boiled to 1/4 of its measure the product is called mawa. You can use ready mawa or homemade mawa. For tips…

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