Besan Ladoo

Hii!! Today I am posting a recipe which the simplest yet the most loved sweet dish in any family called “Besan Ladoo”. It is made of Besan/Gram Flour and just melts in your mouth. These ladoos can be eaten at any time anywhere and are just delicious. It is very easy to make these besan ladoos with the simplest ingredients. They can be made instantly at any time and even offered as prasad during Ganpati. or you can have it just for the fun of it. Specially loved by kids these besan ladoos will steal your heart. So lets get cooking…..


Besan/Gram Flour-  3 Cups

Ghee- 3/4 Cup

Sugar (Powdered)-  1 1/2 Cups

Milk-  4 tbsp

Cardamom Powder- 1 Tbsp

Dry Fruits (Cashews and Almonds) (finely chopped)- 1/4 Cup

Kesar – a few strands



1. In a heavy bottom wok heat ghee. Once the ghee is heated add the besan/gram flour and roast it on medium flame till the colour of the besan/gram flour becomes light brown and will become very aromatic. Add the cardamon powder while roasting the besan/gram flour. Be careful not to burn the besan/gram flour you have to constantly stir it. If trying for first time keep the flame on low.

2. Mix the kesar strands in lukewarm milk. Once the besan is roasted add the lukewarm milk and kesar strands mixture and mix it well turn off the gas and let the besan/gram flour cool down completely. After completely cooled down add the powdered sugar and finely chopped dry fruits in it. Mix it well and make small ladoos out of the mixture. Be careful that add the powdered sugar only after the besan has completely cooled down.

3. Garnish with some strands of Kesar and more dry fruits.

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4 responses to “Besan Ladoo”

  1. I am not a lover of cooking, but this looks yummy. 😍


    1. Thanks a lot… 😃


  2. Wow so delicious n yummy…😋😋😋😋


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