Biscuit Milkshake

Chocolate in any form is loved by all and for the summers specially we are left with thinking what to make for the kids that will be loved by them. So instead of dipping our biscuits in the milk and having them here is a shortcut to combine them both and a very tasty shortcut too. Kids will specially love this combination. I have taken two different types of biscuits and made my milkshake you can use biscuits of your choice. I have used Parle G biscuits which can be replaced with any regular biscuits without any added flavors and hide and seek biscuits can be replaced with any chocolate chip biscuit/cookie. This milkshake does not contain any cream biscuit but the flavor is amazing and will be specially love by kids.


Chilled milk – 1 cup

Chocolate/Vanilla Ice cream – 2 scoops

Parle G biscuits – 4 pieces

Hide and Seek Biscuits – 20 pieces

Chocolate chips/ chopped chocolate – 1/4 cup (if you do not have chocolate chips or chocolate you can use chocolate sauce – 2 tbsp)

Ice Cubes – 4-5



1) In a mixture jar take all the ingredients and blend it all together.

3) Pour it in a chilled glass and garnish as desired. Serve chilled.

2 responses to “Biscuit Milkshake”

  1. Wow yummylicious….😋😋😋😋😋


    1. Thanks..😃😃


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