Mango Shrikhand

Hey everyone!! Feeling really happy and excited today. My husband starts his new job and with that begins a new journey. Hence to make his day extra special have made this Mango Shrikhand which is prepared by using juicy mangoes and curd. It is a simple recipe and you can make this and use it for two days. Why waste the season of mangoes and a start to a new journey when you can perfectly combine these two with this tasty sweet recipe. A perfect combination with shrikhand is puri and potato bhaji. So lets get cooking then..


Dahi/Curd – 3 cups

Powdered Sugar – 8 tbsp

Mango pulp- 1/2 cup

Malai/Cream – 2 tbsp

Mixed chopped nuts (cashewnuts, almods and raisins) – 2 tbsp

Kesar/ Saffron strands – a few



1) Tie the curd in a muslin cloth and hang it for 7-8 hours and let all the moisture drip off.

2) After 7-8 hours once all the water has dripped off the curd becomes thick.

3) Take this curd in a bowl and add the sugar, mango pulp, malai and the mixed chopped nuts and whisk it gently. Keep it in fridge to chill for 4-5 hours.

4) The shrikhand is ready after chilling in the fridge. Serve chilled garnished with kesar strands.

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