Bhapa Doi

Hello guys! Bhapa doi is popular bengali sweet made with hung curd which is steamed. There is a common confusion between Bhapa Doi and Mishti Doi wherein Bhapa doi is steamed yogurt made using condensed milk and Mishti Doi is another version of sweetened curd (wherein it is set sweet) and not steamed. It is very simple recipe to make and hassle free. The ingredients required are very basic and you can make it easily if you have guests coming over. The basic version has only nuts and kesar in it I have given it a little different flavor with bit crunchies in it to make it more appealing visually and specially kids will love it. Just make it and set in the fridge and serve chilled.


Curd/Dahi – 1 kg

Condensed Milk – 400 grams

Milk – 1/4 cup

Jelly candy (chopped) (Orange, Yellow, Green) – 1 cup

Chocolate Chips – 1/4 cup

Chopped nuts ( Almonds and Pistachios) – 1 cup

Chocolate chips – 1 tbsp

Kesar strands – a few

Ghee/Oil for greasing


1) Tie up the curd in a muslin cloth and hang it for 2 hours (if possible 5-6 hours). Once all the water has drained from the curd take it in a bowl.

2) Add in the condensed milk, milk and kesar strands and whisk it all together. Now add in the chopped jelly candy, chocolate chips (1/4 cup) and nuts (reserve a few for garnishing).

3) Take small bowls/katori/aluminum moulds/ ceramic moulds. Grease it with ghee/oil and pour in the curd mixture. Cover these moulds with aluminum foil.

4) Steam this curd mixture in steamer for 15 minutes on medium flame. Let the steamer cool down then open and take out the moulds. Remove the aluminum foils and let the curd mixture come to room temperature.

5) Once it is on room temperature set it in the fridge for 10 minutes. Serve chilled and garnished with a few jelly candies, chocolate chips and chopped nuts.

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58 responses to “Bhapa Doi”

  1. Mishti doi and bhapa doi brings back a lot of memories from west bengal.. I was born in Burnpur, near kolkata and ever since I left that place I miss the bengali sweets a lot. I never tried my hands at bengali sweets believeing there is art behind it and i dare not try it. However you make this look really easy peasy.. thanks for sharing this recipe.

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  2. I make it exactly the same way. use that I use Greek yogurt. It has almost zero water content. Have tried the basic version. Now I want try the Mango flavor .

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    • That’s great! Hung curd is basically like Greek yogurt so I normally use hung curd. If given sufficient time hung curd also has zero water content.


  3. Sounds super easy. Ideal for someone like me who doesn’t really like cooking but likes to try new dishes every now & then. Just doubt….can i omit chocolate chips? not very fond of it. And any reason why we are adding it as 2 seperate quantities?

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    • Hey! You can omit the chocolate chips and the jelly candies also the traditional bhapa doi has none of these I added it for a different taste. 2 seperate portions are one for adding in the curd mixture and other for garnishing.

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  4. I had no idea this was bhappa doi…I actually thought it was a version of dahi bhalla( silly me!)…had Mishti doi many times but never had this. Thanks for the recipe, will definitely be giving it a try


  5. It looks so tempting. I have spent quite a few years in Calcutta and this was one of my favorites. I could spend hours on your blog checking out your recipes.


  6. I never had bhapa doi before. Recipe is very easy too. I had tasted every kind of misti doi. I would love to make this recipe for my family.


  7. Bhapa Doi never known about the term, Mishti Doi is my all-time favorite. Though I never tried either of them, the Bhapa Doi recipe seems super easy, and the chocolate chips have taken all the brownie points. I am so sure my kids are definitely going to like this. Added to my TBC (to be cooked). 😃


  8. oo thanks for sharing this recipe. I came across Bhappa Doi in an OPOS Facebook group and I think I should try both the ways and see how it goes thanks once again


  9. Bhappa Doi is such a delicious Bengali Sweet. I love to eat them when I am visiting my mom’s friend. Knowing that I love this sweet, she always makes it for me or buys it for me. Now that you given me a tasty recipe, I shall try this at home too. Absolutely delectable pictures.


  10. This looks amazing!!! I am just in love with your blog actually. I just found out about Iyer and all the pictures and recipes are so tempting and professional! I really find your tag line catchy😆
    Going towards the base, I am a cook and baker trapped inside a 13 year old’s body…. check out my blog too and maybe we can cheer each other up!

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