Gajar/Carrot halwa

Gajar/Carrot halwa

Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well? Carrots are available in abundant in winters and the juicy red carrots call out to you. The most common and famous sweet/dessert we normally make during the winters using these carrots is Gajar ka Hawla (Carrot ka Halwa). It a sweet/dessert dish made using the long red carrots (not the small orange ones) in which you basically boil the carrots in milk and let them cook in it. The process is a bit lengthy but the taste is worth it! A bowl full of this sweet dish can satisfy your sweet tooth and hunger pangs. Yes it full of calories and I would suggest not to try and find out an alternative to it. However if you are health conscious you can make it using low fat milk and instead of sugar you can use stevia. It is while it warm and later you can microwave it and eat it, as it is a recipe for the winters. You can have it with icecream (Yes you heard it right!), take a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a scoop of gajar ka halwa on top of it. It tastes amazing. Follow the recipe as given and you will get the perfect Gajar ka Halwa. So lets get cooking..


Carrots – 2 kg

Milk – 2 litres

Mawa (Eavporated Milk) – 200 grams

Sugar – 1/2 kg

Ghee/Clarified Butter – 1 cup

Cardamom Powder – 1 tbsp

Chopped Nuts (Almonds, cashews and raisins) – 2 cups


1) Peel the carrots. Grate the carrots taking care you do not grate the middle white portion. Grate around the white part as the white part will make the halwa bitter.

2) In a broad wok take the ghee. Add in the grated carrots and then add the milk.

3) Add the milk to this carrots and on low lame let the mixture boil and simmer. The carrots will start to cook in the milk and become soft.

4) Keep stirring in between. Cook till all the milk is almost absorbed by the carrots (approximately 25 minutes). At this stage add the mawa, sugar and cardamom powder and mix it well. Let it cook again till the milk is completely absorbed by the carrots and the sugar has completely dissolved.

5) Now switch off the gas and sprinkle the nuts. and mix in it roughly. Serve warm.

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49 responses to “Gajar/Carrot halwa”

  1. This Gajar Halwa looks yummy. Today only I made my last batch of Gajar Halwa. I use Condensed milk instead if milk and skip sugar. It makes the cooking faster. Halwa with Vanilla Ice-cream reminds me of the Indian wedding we used to attend as kids. I never tried that combination but have seen people relishing it.


    • Halwa with ice cream is very delicious you should try it out. I have never used condensed milk in gajar ka halwa. I always use this longer method. Will try out with condensed milk.


  2. Gajar ka halwa is deliciously sinful. Who doesnt like it? Thank you for sharing the recipe. Only form of gajar that is liked by all.


  3. This is all my all time favorite . I had heard a lot about stevia but never tried it . is it safe for all age group and did is not causes any side effects? if it is safe then will surly try this when make gajar ka halwa next time.


  4. I have made gajar ka halwa twice and now looking at your post feel like making it one more time..hopefully last time, though it is awesomely delicious but too time consuming. Sometimes when I don’t have Khoya, i used double the quantity of milk and it takes double the cooking time….gosh


  5. Looks delish, Shail. I do not particularly like sweets, but gajrela is the one thing I always look forward to in winter. Although we do get carrots all year round now.


  6. The perfect recipe for this season. Here we don’t get the red carrots during other times – it is available only during winters. Sinful but yummy!!! One of the few sweets that I love.


  7. Aha! Gajar halwa, I am drooling over the tempting images of it. For me, Gajar Halwa is one of the reasons for adding a Lil more charm to the winters. I never knew that we shouldn’t grate that middle whitish part of the carrot, next time I have to keep this tip n my mind before grating. Thanks for sharing another equally delicious recipe for us.


  8. We just prepared gajar ka halwa on mom’s birthday. Winters and gajar ka halwa has some special connection. I agree the process is lengthy but the results are worth the mehnat 🙂 never tried with ice-cream though, will give it a try.


  9. I have never tried gazar halwa with icecream. Will try it for sure. I have used stevia with curd but never in any sweet dish.


  10. Wow, that’s such a delicious gajar halwa, thanks for the recipe. I had made them yesterday at home for Sunday Desert.


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