Virgin Rose Mojito

Hey all!! We had our first rains today but that did not reduce the summer heat as yet. So a late post on an easy summer cooler. Virgin Mojito is a cocktail traditionally made with rum, sugar syrup, soda, mint leave and lime juice. I have made an non alcoholic version of this classic cocktail which is very tasty and perfect for the summers or any other season if you love your mojitos. This summer cooler is very easy to make. So lets impress your guests with this classic non alcoholic version of mojito and serve it as a welcome drink.


Lemon – 2

Fresh Pudina/Mint Leaves – 1/2 cup

Crushed Ice – 2 cups

Sugar – 2 tbsp

Water – 1/4 cup

Club Soda – 2 cups

Rose Syrup – 4 tbsp



1) First mix the sugar and water and make a sugar syrup.

2) Chop the lemon into wedges/slices/pieces and add them in a glass (approx one lemon in one glass if small lemons). Now add around 2 tbsp fresh pudina leaves alongwith the lemon wedges. Using a muddler muddle the lemon and pudina together so that they release their juices.

3) Now add the sugar syrup (approx 1 tbsp in one glass) then add the crushed ice (approx 1 cup in one glass) and pour 2 tbsp of rose syrup into one glass.

4) Finally add the club soda and mix the mixture. Serve chilled.



The measurement of crushed ice and soda is as per the size of the glass take by me. You can adjust the measurements as per your glass size. The idea is to have lots of crushed ice and chilled soda.

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