Cookies and Cream Ice cream

Hi…. Since the summer has started there is always a demand for ice cream. Today I am posting cookies and cream ice recipe which is just yummy and mouth melting. Very easy and simple to make and loved by all age groups. I have used vanilla flavored oreo cookies you can use cookies of your choice but use vanilla flavor cream cookies. So Lets get cooking……..

Just a few pointers: Use heavy bottom pan for cooking the milk. Beat the set ice cream using a beater or Boss Blender and beat till the volume doubles and the texture is completely creamy. There should be no ice particles left once you beat it. The Volume will double at this stage. I use non dairy whipping cream of any brand you can use homemade cream or Amul cream. Always set the ice cream in aluminium ice cream box or tupperware box. Do not set in steel as steel will form ice easily.

Full Fat Milk- 1/2 Liter

Milk- Half cup (for mixing)

Sugar- 3 tbsp

Milk Powder- 3 Tbsp

Cornflour/Corn Starch- 2 Tbsp

Milkmaid/Condensed Milk- 3 tbsp

Vanilla Essence- 4-5 drops

Powdered Vanilla flavor oreo cookies- 1/2 cup

Crushed vanilla flavor oreo cookies- 1 cup

Non Dairy Whipping cream- 1 cup (If using homemade cream- 2 cups and if using Amul cream or any other ready packet dairy cream – 200 grams)



1) Take the milk in a heavy bottom deep vessel and let it boil on low flame. Stir the milk once or twice so that it does not burn.

2) When the milk comes to one boil add the sugar and milkmaid and stir the milk.

3) Mix the cornflour and milk powder and add half cup of milk in this and mix well. There should be no lumps.

4) Now add this cornflour, milk powder and milk mixture to the boiling milk and stir well. The flame should be on low constantly.

5) Let the milk boil for 10 minutes. After ten minutes the consistency of the milk will change. It will become thick.

6) Do not over boil the milk or else the ice cream will feel chewy. The milk should be boiled only to become little thick the volume will remain the same.

7) Switch off the gas and let the milk come to room temperature.

8) Now set the milk in ice cream container for at least 7 to 8 hours in the freezer.

9) After 8 Hours take the set ice cream in a vessel of choice and churn it using beater or blender till the ice particles have completely melted. Now add the cream, vanilla essence and churn it again for at least 15 minutes the volume will double and the texture will become smooth and creamy. Now add the powdered oreo cookies and crushed oreo cookies and mix well. The beating process is very important do not hurry this process and beat it till 15 minutes. Half liter milk will double in volume giving you 1 liter ice cream. The texture will become smooth and creamy and all the ice particles will melt. Add the cookies in the end and just mix it do not churn it. Now set this ice cream again in ice cream container for 9-10 hours.

10) After 9-10 hours the ice cream is all set. Serve topped with cookies.

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