Strawberry Love

Hello!! The recipe am posting today is delicious strawberry dessert. It is very simple to make and is loved by all. When fresh strawberry meets the melt in mouth cream topped with some strawberry crush and vanilla ice cream it is match made in heaven. Trust me it truly is!! I became a huge fan of this dessert when I had it for the first time in a hill station that I visited for my small vacation. I just love strawberry and hence this dessert was perfect for my taste buds. I had to try this at home and after a few attempts got it just right. My food photography is still developing and hence the pictures will look amateurish but trust me on the taste one bite of this strawberry heaven and you will finish the entire dessert in one go. I have used homemade strawberry crush and home made vanilla ice cream in this recipe and I will soon post the recipes for the same. The cream used in this recipe is Non Dairy Whipped Cream and I have used the brand “Rich”. The cream can be dairy cream and if you use fresh dairy cream you have to add 1 tbsp of icing sugar to 1 cup of fresh dairy cream and hand whip it while it is chilled. Since I have used Non Dairy whipping cream I have not added any sugar or essence and just whipped it till soft peak form. Be careful that the cream should be whipped to soft peaks. Lets begin then!!!


Fresh Strawberry roughly chopped-1 Cup

Strawberry Crush- 1/2 Cup

Whipped Non Dairy Cream – 1 Cup

Vanilla Ice Cream- 1 Scoop

Strawberry-2 to 3 pieces for garnish


  1. In a tall glass start assembling the dessert by first adding 2 Spoons of whipped cream layer.
  2. Now add some of the roughly chopped strawberry and pour 2 spoons of strawberry crush on it.
  3. Repeat again by adding a layer of whipped cream then strawberries and then crush.
  4. After the second layer add a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Then add some roughly chopped strawberries on it and some crush.
  5. Add some whipped cream on top then chopped strawberries and some crush again. Remember the ice cream should be in between the layers.
  6. After the final layer garnish with strawberry and crush and serve it immediately.

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