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I am a lawyer by profession but love to cook. Being a foodie myself I keep trying variations with my recipes. My blog is all about my experiments and experience with food. You can follow me on instagram, twitter and facebook all having handles alawyerskitchen. I am also on the food reviewer panel with GoToChef, which is the perfect platform to check out reviews on various food products and also find recipes using the same. You can also find me on blogchatter
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Rava Mango Cake

Hey guys! If you do not like cream cakes and want to try out an easy tea time cake, you should definitely try out this recipe. This cake is made using rava/semolina. I have posted a basic rava cake recipe before, in this recipe I have used mangoes as it is the season and mangoes…

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Eggless Pancakes

Hey guys! Pancakes are usually made using eggs. I have made them eggless and using these measurements and tips even these eggless pancakes turn out extremely fluffy and melt in mouth. They taste absolutely delicious and you can top with syrup of your choice. Normally it is topped with maple syrup but I have used…

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Strawberry Icecream

Summers have set and its time to have loads of ice cream now. I have made this simple yet extremely creamy and delicious strawberry ice cream. I have made fresh strawberry puree and strawberry crush (store bought). I have not used any additional color. The fresh strawberries give a nice punch to the taste and…

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Hey guys! Appam is a South Indian recipe traditionally made with rice. You can make it for breakfast or dinner. It is tasty and uses minimum oil. I have made this using mixed pulses. Appam is made using the appam mould and it is very simple to use it. You can make these for tiffin…

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Bhapa Doi

Hello guys! Bhapa doi is popular bengali sweet made with hung curd which is steamed. There is a common confusion between Bhapa Doi and Mishti Doi wherein Bhapa doi is steamed yogurt made using condensed milk and Mishti Doi is another version of sweetened curd (wherein it is set sweet) and not steamed. It is…

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Gajar/Carrot halwa

Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well? Carrots are available in abundant in winters and the juicy red carrots call out to you. The most common and famous sweet/dessert we normally make during the winters using these carrots is Gajar ka Hawla (Carrot ka Halwa). It a sweet/dessert dish made using the long red…

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Stuffed Mirchi Bhajiya

Hey all! The recipe I am posting today is a tasty monsoon recipe but also perfect for winters. Bhajiyas/Fritters have various varieties. There are a variety of Mirchi/Green Chillies available and varieties of fritters that you can make using them. I have used the long and fat green chilly as I anted to make it…

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Methi Bhajiya/Fritters

Hey guys! The recipe I am posting today is a perfect recipe for the winters. The piping hot fritters/bhajiya are made using fresh fenugreek and onions and the spices used are ground. It is spicy and soft from center and outside. It is not crispy but a soft ball of taste. Have it hot with…

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