Chia Seeds breakfast bowl

Hey guys! The recipe I am posting today is a very healthy breakfast recipe. If you had a heavy dinner or are planning to have a heavy lunch with friends or family outside or even on regular days if you want to start the day feeling light but wholesome then this is the perfect breakfast option and it is so simple to make this bowl. So lets get cooking….


Milk – 1 and 1/2 cups

Chia seeds – 1/4 cup

Rolled and dry roasted oats – 4 tbsp

De-seeded Dates/Khajur – 3 pieces

Honey – 1 tbsp

Cinnamon powder – 1/4 tsp

Fruits of choice (I have used 1 apple)

Pumpkin Seeds – 1 tbsp

Sunflower seeds – 1 tbsp


1) Blend the dates and milk together. In a bowl take the chia seeds and oats and add the dates milk to this. Let the seeds soak overnight or at-least for 3-4 hours. (You can keep this in the fridge overnight.

2) After soaking overnight in the morning remove from fridge 15-20 minutes before your breakfast time. To this add the chopped fruits of choice, honey, cinnamon powder and both the seeds, Let it remain for 5 minutes so that all the ingredients are properly soaked in the milk. After 5 minutes enjoy your healthy and wholesome breakfast.

Notes: Consume the chia seeds only after soaking them for atleast 3-4 hours do not consume it as it is because the chia seeds grow in size on soaking and that is the correct way to consume it. If you do not like dates you can directly soak the chia seeds in the milk and consume it the next day morning by adding the fruits as desired. You can also add dark chocolate chips to this bowl. Or add coco powder in the milk to give it chocolate flavor. Avoid using sugar, jaggery or any essence.

This blog post is part of the blog challenge ‘Blogaberry Dazzle’ hosted by Cindy D’Silva and Noor Anand Chawla.

18 responses to “Chia Seeds breakfast bowl”

  1. Healthy and yummy! Interesting recipe! 😊😊


  2. Somehow I can never eat seeds, Shail. But this bowl looks so tempting. I have sabja seeds soaked in water and added to buttermilk.Will try out this bowl soon.


  3. I love chia seeds and substitute it for eggs in some recipes. Will try this bowl, it looks delicious.


  4. I was recommended by my doctor to take chiaseeds I used to take but never enjoyed . But now your recipe made me think different and gave a reason to have it with a smile. Thanks for the awesome recipe.


  5. This is such a healthy and yummy way to begin the day. Quite filling too.


  6. I don’t like to eat seeds. I can eat only sabja seed. But the bowl look tempting. It is good option for a breakfast. My husband like to eat all this kind of stuff. Will try this break fast bowl 😊


  7. Looks delicious. Chia seeds are more like medicine for me due to Vitamin B. I am surely going to give this recipe a try (without the dates).


  8. Chia seeds are very healthy and this breakfast looks yummy…. Will try it someday. I usually have it with yogurt and cereals.


  9. This looks so tempting. This is indeed a healthy option for breakfast.


  10. This looks really delicious. I don’t enjoy overnight oats but this looks tempting. I am going to try it out. Thanks for sharing the recipe.


  11. oh yeah!!I’m so into chia seeds right now after having overnight oats for so long. haha..I find it much lighter to eat yet still heavy on the stomach that I don’t get hungry. This is another great recipe idea that I’d be doing soon! Very timely! thanks!


  12. Finally adding dark chocolates to this breakfast bowl will be a touch of class.


  13. This is an excellent breakfast bowl! I love chia seeds. Their texture and how they feel when I chew them.


  14. I had been suggested to eat chia seeds but I never could. I know they are healthy but still…


  15. This ismy fab breakfast bowl. I love to eat it. It is so fullfilling and wholesome. Sometimes I love to prepare chia seed smothie too.


  16. i have started this recently and it is a wholesome meal. I have never added Cinammon though…..nice variation to try out. I add black raisins & berries also sometimes.


  17. I have been having this breakfast since a year and it’s really light. Though add a few soaked walnuts and spoonful of alsi


  18. Sounds absolutely delicious!


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