Chocolate Mousse Cake

Hey guys! I am an ardent chocolate lover and chocolate mousse cake is just so delicious and melt in mouth with the creamy texture I love them at any time. Normally the base of mousse cake is made with biscuit crumble or cake crumble, I have made it using chocolate fudge at the base and it turned out amazing. Chocolate fudge is soft and chewy and the mousse on top is creamy and hence each bite is just heavenly. Take out a slice and just have it sitting by the balcony. It is very easy to make both the elements with very simple ingredients. Lets get moussing….


For the chocolate fudge:

Condensed Milk – 250 gms

Dark Chocolate – 150 gms

Sweet Chocolate – 100 gms

Walnuts (finely chopped) – 1/4 cup

Powdered Marie biscuits – 1/4 cup

For the mousse:

Dark Chocolate – 250 gms

Fresh Cream – 200 ml

Whipping cream – 2 cups

Walnuts ( chopped) – 1/2 cup

Vanilla Essence – 1 tsp

Powdered Nuts (pista, almonds, walnuts) – for garnishing

Chocolate truffle for garnishing

Chocolate chips – for garnishing


For fudge:

Take the chocolate and milkmaid together in a bowl. Now using the double boiler method mix them both together till the chocolate melts. Once done take it off the gas and add the chopped walnuts and powdered marie biscuits and mix it all together. Take an cake mould (removable bottom) and grease it with little oil at the bottom. Now press in the fudge prepared at the bottom and make a thick base and set it in the fridge.

For Mousse:

Whip the cream to soft peaks. Add the vanilla essence and fold it in the cream. Microwave the fresh cream and chocolate in an interval of 30-30 seconds till the chocolate melts. Let the chocolate truffle sit at room temperature till it cools down. Now pour this in the whipped cream and fold it in. You will need only one cup of the chocolate truffle into the cream. Now add in the chopped walnuts and fold it in.


Take out the fudge kept in the fridge. Now pour in the truffle cream prepared on top of the base. Pour some remaining truffle on top of the mousse and sprinkle some powdered nuts and choco chips on top. Keep it in the fridge to set for 4-5 hours. After 5 hours un-mould and slice it using a slightly lukewarm knife. Serve it topped with chocolate truffle.

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  1. Wow my favorite…yummlicious….👌👌😋😋😋😋

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  2. Great content 🙂 Thank you

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  3. I love all of your posts!!! Would love to collaborat with you!
    Miamii /

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  4. The recipe is yummy and I love mousse cake… but after reading the list of ingredients I am in a confusion If I can actually end up making it or not…. the reason is the condensed milk….:) because I am sure I will finish the condensed milk well before making the cake ,,,, because i love c.milk …. its absolute yummy 🙂


  5. Wow Shail! this is so much my type of dessert… I love anything chocolatey… n this looks soooo binge worthy. Thank you for the recipe… I must try making it!


  6. The cake looks so tempting. Using fudge as a base is a great idea. Thanks for sharing the recipe.


  7. Chocolate recipes are favourite at home. Thanks for this detailed step-wise recipe I would surely give it a try.


  8. That looks so decadent, Shail. Two of my favorites in one dessert. I am definitely going to give this a try, without the almonds of course.


  9. On the similar lines works my no bake cheesecake. Enjoyed the recipe and trust me it gonna be worth a try.


  10. You just stoked my craving for something chocolate, Shail. I am trying to stop eating desserts and chocolate, my only weakness. otherwise, I don’t eat sweets.


  11. This looks good but seeing my capabilities I can’t make it but my husband can… You made it look so easy and lovely…


  12. Reading this made me crave for chocolate cake. I love trying new cake recipes for my kids… I’m definitely going to try this one…


  13. ohlala!!! This is so appetising that I felt like there’s no need to have a celebration to make one because everyday should be celebrated anyways, right?! Great recipe! thanks for sharing!


  14. I love everything chocolate and this recipe had me drooling throughout. It’ll definitely taste better with fudge than a biscuit layer. Good recipe!


  15. Yummy & sinful! Though not sure if i can try it now as iam on a restricted diet😁


  16. This picture of your chocolate mousse cake is soo tempting that I couldn’t resist myself to order and prepare another one instantly. Thanks for this brilliant recipe.


  17. My mouth is watering just at the sight. This is a wonderful recipe. Since I havr stopped eating sweets, this will be for my dauhhter


  18. Seems yummy..say who don’t let ve chocolates..i loved the pictures and felt like someone should get me this..


  19. Mouthwatering. I love anything and everything with chocolate and this one is my favorite. Thanks for sharing the recipe, will try.


  20. Wow! Another great recipe from you lawyer Shail 😊 It sounds fab
    Will try it out!


  21. Wow that’s awesome looks so yummy and tempting recipe to try and I am sure my daughter would love it


  22. Chocolate is my favourite too and chocolate mousse cake too, it,s delicious and these pictures are mouth watering, I want eat this super tempting dish now. I shall try this soon. 🙂


  23. Chocolate mousse cake is my favourite variant. My kids have the same love for it. Will try this recipe of yours.


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