The Woman That I Am

I have been a part of the Decade blog hop that was organised by Manas and Rashi and without even knowing the theme initially I signed up for the next. I was so happy when the theme was announced “The woman That I Am” as a tribute to all the amazing women in the world. I would like to take this opportunity to write a tribute to the most amazing woman in my life who has till date never given up and it is her never give up attitude that keeps me going even in the darkest hour. During my low time I always remind myself “I am her daughter” if she is so strong how can I be weak. Yes!! I would like to take this opportunity to write a few words for my mother whom I can never thank enough.

My mother has been my rock since I have gained the ability to understand the world. It is said a girl understands the value of her mother after she gets married. The same happened with me. I was a rebel kid and I troubled my mom a lot (still do I feel) but my mom has been my best friend from the beginning I could talk to her about anything and everything and never feel judged she was not the typical woman waiting to teach her daughter house chores and lecturing her on her life after marriage. In fact whenever my relatives would point out that being a girl I am supposed to learn certain categories of house chores like cooking, cleaning etc etc she would calmly answer my daughter will do as she chooses and not as it is pre determined by the society. She was the first one to realize my passion for cooking. My father has been a very practical man and his goal had always been to educate me and that I should be independent and could not understand my passion for cooking. My mother would hide from my father and pay my fees for classes towards pursuing my passion in baking. My mother was, is and will always be my first teacher in learning all the important lessons of life.

I still remember when I started dating my husband in 2006 I had just started my law school and he his engineering. My mother was the first one to understand what is going on and from day one she has been my absolute support. Today if I am with my husband it is absolutely because of her support. She has gone through so many health issues in the past but she never let me realise her pain and suffering and always has a pretty smile on her face. This smile has helped me remember what a woman I am. I am a part of her and that makes me feel so strong when I am going through any tough time. Even today she is my best friend, my gossip go to person and my co-conspirator. My day starts with talking to her and ends with a good night message from her.


” Ma” I am taking this opportunity to say how much I love you and I am the woman that I am today all because of you.

“She is an optimist, an epitome of love, full of courage and hope,

Her smile gives me courage and she stands my me as my rock,

She cooks the simplest meals but made with all her love,

She laughs at my silly jokes and reprimands me when I am wrong,

She is my best friend and holds my hand while I still learn to walk,

She looked after me while I was ill looking after me day and night,

She never let it show that she herself was in pain,

I think of your smile when I cry, it gives me courage,

I think of your sacrifices when I feel like giving up on myself,

I can never really have enough words to thank you,

You taught me how to love, laugh and be the woman I am,

Ma you are my strength and I can never be complete without you.”

“This post is a part of ‘The Woman That I Am’ Blog Hop #TheWomanThatIAm organized by Rashi Roy and Manas Mukul #RRxMM. The Event is sponsored by Kraffitti.”



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I am a lawyer by profession but love to cook. Being a foodie myself I keep trying variations with my recipes. My blog is all about my experiments and experience with food. You can follow me on instagram, twitter and facebook all having handles alawyerskitchen. I am also on the food reviewer panel with GoToChef, which is the perfect platform to check out reviews on various food products and also find recipes using the same. You can also find me on blogchatter
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  1. Woww, Shail, I loved your piece and specially the poem. It’s great to see you are your mother’s reflection. Your poem was awesome and I enjoyed the whole piece. More power to you dear.

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  2. Your piece of the poem shows your life and gratitude towards your mother. Like your mother, my mother has also supported me in each up and downs without being judgemental. I love her so much. Your post reminded me of my connection with my mother. I know mothers have the important role to make us the woman that we are!
    Deepika Mishra


  3. A post straight from a daughter’s heart, strongly agree with you mothers are just awesome💕, Your bond with your mother just remind Me mine with my mom, we two also shares a strong bond of friendship more than a mother daughter relationship, beautiful way of womanhood celebration.well written post!!!!


  4. Such a glowing tribute to your mother – shows how wonderfully you have been brought up and how gratitude is a part of us. We forget the contribution of the ones closest to us sometimes and this is a beautiful reminder.


  5. Every mother has a special place in the heart of their children. I love your post and I believe every person is a reflection of their parents in some or the other way and it’s special with everyone 🙂


  6. Such a beautiful tribute to your mom, Shail. I loved reading it. I could also completely relate to it since I share a similar bond with my own mother. I am sure she is immensely proud of you.


  7. With every post that tributes the mom, I wonder whether I will ever be a mom who is that good with her daughter:-) Wish you and your mom bonding goes on for years and years !


  8. Mothers are so special and we never really tell them how much we appreciate them do we? I admire the way you have paid tribute to your mom, she seems a wonderful person! You are her mirror for sure, so I expect you are a lovely person in your own right too! The poem is so apt, mom must be very happy to see this! – Brinda


  9. Mom is an inspirational manual of life that comes along with us finally fulfilled reading your post about your mom. 😊🤗🙌


  10. A mother’s place is always special. No one can replace her in any shape or form.She moulds the kids in her ideology and instils in them her courage and capabilities. Great tribute to your mom.

    Meena from


  11. Mothers do have an important place in everyone’s life. Loved the part where she supported your baking skills and let you choose your path. Mothers are so sweet they always do such things. Loved your post.


  12. A heartfelt tribute to the most important person ever, Moms. Beautiful experience shared and the poetry in the end was the icing on the cake.


  13. Glad you have such an understanding mother who always stood by you. Lovely post I hope your mom reads it as she will be so happy to know your love thru this. The gratitude poem is very nice.


  14. Hey Nice to read you again
    Your mom and you look so similar.
    I loved reading the poem on her.
    Mothers are definitely the biggest blessings in our lives. No matter how far, how fast or how differently we grew up, the moment we pause we always find mother’s smiling at us, standing right there by our side. Our mothers are as strong as our fathers but they are our strongest support systems.


  15. God cannot be everywhere so he created mothers, and your poetry absolutely relates that. Mothers are the strongest support!! God bless!!


  16. I am sure your mom would be really proud today. I hope she read this piece too. Moms are the best. Beautiful dedication to the most important person in your life and we are really thankful that you chose again to be a part of our hop.

    #RRxMM #TheWomanThatIAm


    • Thank you so much Manas. Through your theme I could thank the most important person in my life. Yes she read this and loved it and even reminded me of the times I troubled her so much.. 🤣🤣🤣


  17. what a beautiful tribute to your mom. M sure she must be in tears after reading this. An understanding relationship with parent in the growing years is a blessing and u are one blessed soul. my heart is filled with so much love and warmth after reading the last concluding poem. keep writing dear. 🙂


  18. Yes, she is the wind beneath our wings.and it’s a beautiful ode to your Amma.
    As she is the reason we are here and she is reason we continue to continue our work…


  19. This is more of a gratitude post to your mother, loved your expression. Mothers have this unique connection with their child and she never fails to support us in her own way. Heart- warming post,stay blessed!


  20. Wonderful! This is such a positive and pleasant post to read. Mother-daughter bonds are special in their own way and you have paid a heartfelt tribute. Loved the poem too.
    It means a lot that you signed up for this blog hop without thinking twice. Am so glad to have you as a part of the hop and thanks for sharing this beautiful piece with us 🙂


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