Dark Chocolate Cookies

Hey all!! I love cookies specially the goey ones. Dip a warm cookie in hot milk and get lost in a world of sweetness. Involve your kids in this baking these cookies and enjoy eating the dough or the cookie. Without further ado lets get cooking these delicious cookies.


All purpose flour/Maida- 1 cup

Oats powder- 1/4 cup

Butter – 3/4 cup (at room temperature)

Powdered Sugar- 1/2 cup

Cocoa Powder- 1 tbsp

Chocolate Powder- 1 tbsp

Vanilla Essence- 1 tsp

Dark Chocolate chopped – 1/2 cup

Baking Powder- 1 tsp

Baking Soda- 1/2 tsp

Salt – a pinch

Water if required – 2 tbsp


1. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees.

2. Beat the butter with sugar for 1 to 2 minutes, until its creamy and fluffly in texture with an beater.

3. Sieve together the all purpose flour, oats baking powder, cocoa powder, chocolate powder, salt and baking soda.

4. Now add sieved dry ingredients and vanilla essence to the beaten butter and mix using the spatula. Fold in the chopped chocolate using a spatula. Once incorporated use your hands and knead slightly to form a dough. Do not knead too hard just enough to form a dough. If you feel your dough has become too hard add the water one tbsp at a time to loosen it. The dough should not be too loose it should be hard in consistency.

5. Cover the dough and keep it too chill in the fridge for an hour. After an hour take out the dough it will be stiff and ready.

6. Make small round balls out of the dough (You can take measure of 1 tbsp of the dough to make one ball) flatten it a little in disc shape.

7. Make small discs of all of the dough and place it in the baking tray line with butter paper.

8. Bake for 15 minutes and serve warm with milk.

2 responses to “Dark Chocolate Cookies”

  1. Yummy chocoliscious.👌👍👍😋😋😋


    1. Thank you…😃😃


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